21 August 2010

in which pouches lead me astray


unrelated photo of our pomegranate bush

i meant to finish the cabinet today; so i could share the photos with you; but i cannot. instead i'll be spending the day focusing on pencil pouches. well, in between all the focusing on sweet bébé toes, of course.

there are a few pouches that need to get photographed, & put in theshop, & still others in various states of puttogetherness (real word). there is even one square pouch, filled with 24 mini colored pencils (& embroidered with my sweet snail) that was meant to go to tomorrow's give-away on soulemama. you see, i've been so scatterbrained of late, that i forgot to take it to the post office. by the time i realized, it was too late to get it there in time. ah well, i shall pop it in theshop instead.

i found some fun vintage-looking images at a discount store last week. they will be perfect on pencil pouches for the older kids: old school phone, iron, typewriter, fan, etc. some i'll offer with colored pencils, others without. i do realize that not everyone wants colored pencils. by the way, if you ever want one of my pouches, but don't need the pencils, let me know, & i'll knock a few dollars off the pouch!

we are going to visit manlyman's mom for a few days, so i do need to get all these pouches completed & listed asap. it's hard to believe it is not-back-to-school back-to-school for all you in-schoolers time already. where did the summer go?

i also need to finish a pouch for a sweet girlie's birthday. oh & i am getting to make her birthday cake's bunting! yay! if you are local, & want me to make a cake topper (with proper height skewers) for you, let me know. i am not going to put them in myshop though, because the idea was not mine. oh! but the number mushroom in that photo shall be! more on that later.

that's all for today. i'm off to snuggle my napping boy a bit longer, then it's pouches, pouches, pouches.


Eve said...

I think you should put mini buntings in your shop if you want...I don't think it is such a wildly individualistic idea! I am sure yours are different in your own way!

SewnNatural said...

me too... i loved your cake buntings!

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