17 August 2010

cabinet, act one

i began revamping a fabulously shabby cabinet today! it was the most fun - i sported a goofy smile the entire time. here are the before photos:

elfling wanted in on the fun. don't you love his victorian swimsuit? it's not really one, but a girl can pretend.

& here is a sneaky peek at the painted version:

i have yet to distress it, which means there are no more photos today. you have to wait for cabinet, act two. 

have a lovely night - i'm off to dream about wild-haired victorian swimmers, in butter-hued cabinets.



mrsbeccijo said...

Looks like you both had a lot of fun!! That is going to be some great storage!

Eve said...

Revamping a cabinet sounds like fun. The last one I did was from Ikea. I painted its knotty pine woodwork and you can hardly tell where it came from until you try to open it. It never did open properly, even when new! (That's why Ikea is not our competition!)

SewnNatural said...

looks like a big, beautiful cabinet - reminds me a bit of that fabulous kids' book, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe!

Prettydreamer said...

Oh ... my goodness ... that little elfling is so cute! ~Pamela :)

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