27 August 2010

the early morning sun


 vintage insulator caps

we spent some time visiting manlyman's mother, in the high desert. wow, i can hear your shock from here: what?! you, in the desert? where it is hot?!? oh my dearest one & only reader, it was so hot there. i mean like walking on the face of the sun, barefoot, whilst eating hot peppers, hot. i just don't understand how people are able to live there. the only time we could spend out of doors, was the early morning, & the night. i will say that the early morning sun there was beautiful. i took photos for you!

my very own early morning sunshine.



MuddyFeet said...

Great description of the desert! You should come visit the low desert some time... You have such a cutie pie!

PurePixie said...

Really nice pictures! Thank you for sharing them.

rubelin said...

oooh, such a wonderful picture of the wee elfling!

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