08 July 2010

thursday things - birthday madness


this week's thursday things is about birthdays. actually, with the amount of friends & family who have july birthdays, it's what the entire month is about.

i am still in the planning stage of a certain wee elfling's first birthday party. all i know for sure is: small, bbq, bunting. buntings are popping up everywhere; have you noticed?

* i like this one, by my friend eve.

* mine are on sale right now, by the way.

a google search led me to find the following:

* this patriotic how-to is darn cute.

* wowie wow wow!

* i found elfling's cake topper. brilliant.

* another tutorial.

i found more, but i've no time - my wee bébé bunting is stirring. do you have a bunting you'd like to share?



EvesLittleEarthlings said...

What a fun posting!

twirlingbetty said...

Yay for mini bunting! Will you post a photo of the cake afterwards? Love to see.

kat said...

thanks eve :)

twirling, of course i'll post a photo! thanks for the theft-worthy idea :)

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