01 July 2010

a tisket, a tasket ...


... look at my new basket. with wheels, even! isn't it fabulous? rubelin no longer needed them (yes, there is another just like it!), so now they belong to me. yay!

wait! what is that peeking over the top of my new basket?

why it's elfling's cheeky chicken little, blossom.

blossom was mortified to learn that the photo of her, that i shared the other day, did not show her best side. though i think her tush is mighty cute, i can, as a woman, understand.

her sisters are safely on their way to their new homes, by the way. elfling did try to get ahold of them, but i managed to thwart his thieving ways.

time for me to be off. i've much reading to get to before said thief wakes from his nap. have a lovely day (happy canada day to all you people up there!).


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