29 July 2010

thursday things :: fabulous toys


i found this gorgeous set of nesting blocks when poking around lehmans. i love the vintage images, & that the colors aren't your typical primary hues. excited to find them, i shared on my personal fb page that elfling needed the blocks. his grandpa instantly replied with one word: done. grandpa rocks!

they arrived a few days later, & i must tell you they are even more fabulous in person. elfling loves grandpa's prezzie, as does thehobbit. ok, we all do. the birthday boy has had, on a few occasions, to remind us that they are his.

as people keep asking for prezzie ideas, i've been doing a lot of searching for things. the trouble is, he needs very little. still, people ask, so i look. of course, i am terrible at staying focused, so it is never long before i'm off baby items, & on toys for bigger kids. below are a few things that caught my eye. enjoy!

* this set of blocks is fabulous!! definitely not your mama's wooden blocks.

* truly, this must be mine. mine, mine, mine!

* a gnome in the box? i love it!

* my goal is to find a used dinky piano for elfling. or win the lottery, so i can afford a new one.

* look at this circus toy, by a fellow naturalkidsBold gal! swoon-worthy, indeed.

sadly, that is all i have time for today. now it is your turn - what toys have caught your eye of late?


Amber (woodmouse) said...

Love the gnome in a box! And I've long drooled over those Schylling pianos. Apparently we have a similar taste in toys! My son's birthday is coming up (turning 4!) so this was a fun post to read, I'm at a loss for ideas. Thanks for linking to my big top tent too.

Plain and Joyful Living said...

This was fun Kat! I also love the wind up gnome box. Those nesting boxes are great too. We enjoy the Lehmans catalog and some of their products make their way into our home. What a sweet grandfather.
Warm wishes, Tonya

kat said...

thanks for visiting!

amber, you're welcome. it is the sweetest tent.

tonya, he would balk at being called "sweet", but i agree.

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