10 April 2010

thursday things - saturday edition


photo :: unrelated close-up of newest inhaler pouch
(here is where we pretend today is a thursday) welcome to another installment of thursday things! i'm glad you're here :)
what with the earth day promotion going on, & the actual earth day nearly here, i've had gaia on my mind more than usual. we try to live a life pleasing to mother nature, but there is always more we can do. & more we can not do. it is these things that i have been pondering.
i don't mean to say that i'm wondering what there is to be done, rather what my family is willing to do. there's the rub. after so many years of baby-step changes, all that's left are the biggies. well, biggies for us: i do love my hair dye, & manlyman cannot fathom life without tomatoes year-round. oh, there's plenty more, but you get the idea.
that is what i stress when people ask me for advice on living more green: just do what you can do. it is the rare person who can set out to live a completely eco life, & succeed. strive to do the best that you can, & be proud of your bit. remember; a single raindrop raises the sea.
here are some links that could help you on your journey to more greener pastures:
* roots & shoots jane goodall's global youth organisation. we've been a part of this org for a handful of years, & cannot recommend them enough. start your own group if there isn't one in your area. (great for homeschoolers!)
* reusable bags a favorite of mine. they are a great place for stainless bottles & lunch kits. for all of april they're having a huge sale in honor of earth day's 40th anniversary.
* the green guide for kids i only just found this blog, but it looks to be a great resource.

* imperfectly natural baby and toddler i've written about this book before. just get it already.

* path to freedom this family inspires me! i want to arrange a field trip to their urban farm.

* netflix has some great documentaries: this one was fun to watch.

i could go on & on, but i shan't. today, that is ;)

leave a comment, telling me an eco-change you'll be making this year - then go off & have a lovely day.



MuddyFeet said...

Hi Kat! I love reusablebags too. Have some of their Koren Bucket Bags, Kleen Kanteens, Sigg lunch boxes and thermoses and they are all wonderful!

We are working on using native seeds for our garden, I just did a blog post about it, come see!

FairiesNest said...

We're big fans of reusable bags too...they are a great source for all things green.

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