21 April 2010

keeping busy


thank you for your lovely comments & emails about my mother's passing. i've said it before, & i'll say it again; i have the best readers in all of blogland. truly.
to those who've asked; as is expected, i am slowly falling to pieces. fortunately i have an amazing support system (including you), & manlyman walks behind me, picking up my pieces as they fall. it also helps that i have my sweet boys to focus on.
we'll be heading to oregon late next week to be with my father, & my brother (& his beautiful womenfolk). until then i'm trying to keep busy. i want to finish & ship a consignment order (more about that later), & ship my recent sales before heading out. i am sure none would mind a delay, but the work is helping take my mind off of the ache in my heart.
speaking of sales: when i told my fellow natural kids about my mother, i also asked for fund-raising ideas (for our train fare to oregon). instead of ideas, they sent donations, & bought items from my esty shop! i'm still trying to wrap my head around being on the receiving end of such kindness & generosity. please help me thank them by visiting their shops - click on the natural kids button over there ----->
have a lovely one, do.


ThePineConeTeaCup said...

I'm so sorry about your mother, I completely understand, I lost my Dad 3 yrs ago. Your right without a good support system, falling apart would be a lot harder...My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family...

kat said...

thank you so much. i'm sorry that your father is gone.

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