06 April 2010

an apology in cuteness

what is it with me & forgetting to post thursday things? i mean, i know i have swiss cheese brain of the utmost kind, but sheesh! i apologize to any who have been enjoying this feature. to ensure you accept my apology, & love me madly again, i offer you this bit of cuteness:

if that isn't the cutest face of yuckosity (real word), i don't know what is. this was my elfling's reaction to his first taste of food. he did not like it in the least. i thought for sure he would love the sweetness of banana mixed with mama's milk, but apparently not. after the first bite he evaded the spoon no matter how fun we tried to make it. ditto the next night. we've given up for now. no need to force food if he isn't ready.

to my new readers: elfling has food intolerances galore, so we delayed introducing solids. no need to worry that we were just lazy getting around to starting.

so is all forgiven? i promise a fabulous thursday things this week. ok? ok.

oh! did everyone enjoy the various holidays last week? what did you do?

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