13 April 2012

it's raining pinterest

photo :: found on pinterest
all plans were cancelled on account of rain. i am taking advantage of not having to rush to get ready by poking around pinterest. thehobbit & i were looking at photos of other people's rain, instead of looking out the window at our own. (we had already ooh'd & ahh'd out the window this morn.) the above photo was my favorite from the collection.

here are a few more pinteresty (real word) things that have me swoony:

* a dandelion hot air balloon with chimney sweeps? yes, please! here.

* i want this party dress ever so badly.

* this out-of-doors bar is the prettiest i have seen.

* i cannot stop going back to stare at this tattoo. have i ever chatted with you about my alice in wonderland obsession?

there is so much more to share with you, but i am out of time. if you like the things i pinned, you are welcome to look at my boards. enjoy!



APearn said...

I love your style.
I officially received my invite to pinterest. It sits unopened in my account, for fear I will accomplish even less with my life once I experience it.

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

i am sorry for the delay in replying - i only just saw your comment.

i hope you're enjoying pinterest.

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