07 February 2012

milk, milk, & milk


my recent purchases are all milk-related. it was not planned to be this way, it was just serendipitous.

the gorgeous glass pictured above was found at anthropologie. usually i can resist buying (new) things i truly do not need, but these glasses were perfect in every way. the pale recycled glass, the jam-jar shape, the lettering - they simply screamed kat!. so i screamed back ok!, & took home a set of four. because there are four in your family, kat? no. that would mean that i will let the menfolk use them. because i needed one glass, & the glass needed three!

this little pitcher was the only milk-related item for which i had been hunting. i wanted a small one that we could use to pour milk into our tea, porridge, etc at the table. the gallon is too unwieldy when you need only a small amount of milk, or moo juice, as elfling calls it. besides, this way is more fun.

after many failed thrift hunts (there had been pitchers, i am just freakypicky), i decided to look for a new one. i finally found this just a few weeks ago, at world market , & only four dollars!

the only thrifted milk purchases were these milk-glass mixing bowls. i am in love with them more than one should probably admit to loving a pair of bowls, but there you have it. i would have been swoony at finding just one of these, but to find the two? in pristine condition? gasp!

i am off to play tea party with my elfling, a toy recycling truck, & a stuffed panda. see you tomorrow!


official faq moment:
* no, i do not have a large house in which to store all of my thrifting purchases - it is quite small, in fact. i am either replacing broken items, or buying things i find that i need. the set of glasses is an exception to my norm; four glasses from my cupboard went into storage.

* nope, i am not rolling in dough. we live on only manlyman's income since i closed ye olde shoppe.it is just that i am dedicated to finding things as inexpensively as possible, so will scour shop after shop. it helps that i a) adore thrift shopping, & 2) truly prefer vintage (used) over new.


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