17 January 2013

make-believe cape, the tutorial


i am sorry that it has taken so long to get the promised cape tutorial to you. it is so simple a project that really you do not need a proper tutorial to accomplish the making of it. which is good! because this is not much of a tutorial when all is said & done. still, i shall do my best.

items to gather:

*2 receiving blankets
*measuring tape
*scissors (yes, spell-check, i do realize that it is not spelled "scisoors". go away.)
*round object, approximately 5 inches across
*sewing machine
*1 square of velcro, both halves

the first thing you want to do is make a pattern. i had sheets of very large paper, but if you do not, you can use newspaper, or brown craft paper. how large a piece of paper you'll need will depend on how tall your child is. 

let me say here that elfling is a smallish 3.5yo, being just shy of 3 feet tall. rounding up, that makes him 14 inches taller than the height of the paper; my sheet of paper being the perfect size for him, at 22 x 16 (inches). you are on your own for the math adjustments - though i imagine you could just add however much taller your child to the height of my pattern. sorry if this is confusing, i am allergic to math.

once you've figured out the measurements, cut out the whatever-by-whatever rectangle from your pattern paper, & fold it in half lengthwise. you can see the crease from this in the above photograph.

now you draw your pattern, but only half of it. begin at the top edge of the fold, & curve downward, until you have come to the edge of your paper. on mine, this is 5 inches down from the top.

next, you'll take your round object (i used a lid), place it on the top edge of the fold (with the mid-point of the circle following the fold), & slide it down until the space at the top edge measures 2 inches. draw around the half-circle. later, this will be the neck opening. 

keep the paper folded, & cut away the excess at the top, as well as the half-circle. 

lay your receiving blankets down, one atop the other, smooth out wrinkles, & fold in half lengthwise. place the pattern over this (folded edges matching), pin the whole lot together, & cut it out. 

remove the pattern, & open your fabrics. these two pieces should like identical to the pictured pattern when opened. 

keeping the two pieces together, cut a slit in the top of the circle. this creates the opening for the neck.

re-pin the fabric, & stitch all the way around the edges with a zig-zag stitch. to reinforce, go back around with a straight stitch, at the inner edge of the zig, or, um, the zag. we aren't going for beauty here, merely for quick & sturdy.

see? nobody could accuse me of going for beauty with that stitchery.

it is time to add your closure. pin one half of your velcro square to the topside of one arm of the neck, & the other half to the underside of the other arm. make sure you do this, because you want your arm ends to overlap. stitch on all four sides of each, then stitch an x through each, to make them strong. if i'm not being clear, you can see what i mean in the above photo.

that is all there is to it! because i wanted to keep elfling's cape ambiguous, i did not embellish the fabric. most of the capes i see online have superhero emblems, which you would want to stitch onto the center of the outer fabric, before sewing the two halves together.

happy sewing!

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