14 January 2013

i have nothing to say


perhaps i should not have set forth the royal proclamation that i would write more, & babble less. since doing so i have been struck mute. even now, in just telling you that i cannot write, the words do not come.

i do want to share this play-mat with you, so until i have become unmutificated (real word), i shall indulge in a bit of babble.

elfling was given a set of cars squinkies for christmas. watching him play with them, i remembered this wee map on pinterest. the original source can be found on spoonflower. in their words: a scale(ish) map of paris sized to use with toy cars. you can purchase the fabric by the yard, or a small test swatch.  i hope to by some later this year, to make elfling a blanket. i digress.

how i made this play-mat:

*print the spoonflower image onto card stock.
*cut away the excess paper.
*cover both sides of the map with clear contact paper.
*smooth away bubbles & round the corners. (leave an edge all the way around)
*add one toddler & a handful of squinkies.

elfling loves his new map, & has played with it many times since i made it. this play-mat would make an excellent toy for restaurants & other places you want to enjoy a bit of quiet toddler time. not for my toddler, however, as he tends to announce the end of squinky play by throwing them across the room. sigh.

said squinky-thrower is currently running amok, so i am bringing today's babble to a close. hopefully i shall have something to say soon. have a lovely day, do!

ps. i also printed this radiator springs set, which is too cute for words.

notes of note :: i do not own the rights to the map image, so please, do not make play-mats from it to sell. i doubt you would do such a thing, but it had to be said. i know you understand. also, please buy the fabric, if you are able. spoonflower rocks!

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