21 December 2011

thursday things - pretend-shopping

photo :: property of little bits clothing co

this week's thursday things is being done today instead, as tomorrow i shall be off having solsticey (real word) adventures. enjoy!

i have been pretend-shopping quite a lot over the last few days. mostly i keep my finds to myself, with occasionally showing a friend what i pretend-bought for her/him. when i saw the above frock coat i just had to share with all of you. it is just too wonderful to not.

in fact the entire shop, little bits clothing co is wonderful. it is packed with handmade historical clothing & accessories. even bum rolls! i don't need a bum roll, as i am already rolling in the bum area, so to speak. i do, however, need that frock coat. yes, i know it is for a man, but i want it anyway.

here are a few more things that i pretend-bought for myself:

* this hat is simply perfect. i love having a warm head, but do not love beanies - on me, anyway. this is actually a hat, but crocheted, so maintaining a sense of beanieness (real word). 

* if these gorgeous boots were half a size larger, i would be more than pretend-buying them right this very moment.

* i am swoony for these salad tongs. pretty, aren't they?

* ack! eiffel tower scissors!! want.

i have pretend-bought ever so much more than this, but my wee elfling is done playing blocks, so the rest shall have to wait for another day.


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