23 December 2011

pretend-shopping, the second

photo :: property of armadillo dreams

there were so many more things that i wanted to show you, so thought i would! whilst the last post featured items i pretend-bought myself, today's post focuses on items for my kids. let us begin!

* this pirate ship has to be the most wonderous pull-toy i have ever seen. 

* thehobbit & his friends are serious dr who fans, so he would love this itouch skin.

* how utterly fabulous is this toddler shirt?!!!

* another fabulous toddler shirt!! (disclaimer :: this one made by a friend of mine.)

* who wouldn't want to mustache-ify their mugs & cups? i am fairly certain that both of my boys would love these.

that is all for today, my one & only reader. that to-do list will not get to-done on its own.


Dustin - Armadillo Dreams said...

Thank you for featuring our pirate ship! Great finds! Happy holidays!!! :) - Dustin, Armadillo Dreams

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

my pleasure!

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