16 November 2011

ampersand, the end


i could tell you that i have been meaning to show you the completed ampersand for ages. i could, but i would be lying. not about the meaning to bit, but about the completed bit. you see, i kept waiting for time to do the thing properly. it would seem that life with a teen & a toddler leaves one with no time for doing anything, proper or otherwise.

today i asked thehobbit to play with elfling, & set about just getting it done. i knew that rushing the completion would mean a wonky ampersand, but it was either that, or stare at the half-finished project for the rest of my life. i have enough of those, thank you very much.

so it doesn't look like it would have had i had the time, & i am having to force myself to be content with its many imperfections - but that is ok she keeps telling herself.

what do you think? pretend you do not see all the imperfections, please. lie to me if you need. & remember: all comments that do not contain words of praise could quite possibly be deleted.

eventually it will hang higher on the wall, but for now it sits on the mirror. oh, ignore the dusty mirror, please.

it feels good to have one less half-completed project cluttering my home & head.




Amy said...

I absolutely love the ampersand! It is creative and looks perfect where it is currently sitting. Does it need to be hung or can it just stay exactly where it is right now?

bhán said...

It looks great! Plus it's a great feeling to have completed a project (I wish I had that feeling more often!).

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

thank you amy! it does not need to be hung, & knowing my talent for procrastination, it most likely shall stay there for some time.

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

thank you bhán (aka tinker!). you forgot to show me the finished cards, by the way.

bhán said...

I got distracted by the plantain - you'll just have to come back!

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