14 September 2011

the posh travelling life - day 2


manlyman had a two-day golf tournament down south, so took us along. when he first asked if i wanted to tag along, i was hesitant. i imagined being cooped up in some random hotel with the kids, trying desperately to keep sane whilst waiting for daddy-o to return, & rescue us. then he showed me the hotel's website. wait. let me rephrase that: the resort's website. um, yes, please!

talk about swanky. my dearest one & only reader, it was the posh posh travelling life for me. so much so, that upon returning home i had a bit of a shock. thebelfry neither smelled swanky, looked swanky, nor had the feel of swankosity. & i don't like telling you this, but nobody came this morning, when i phoned for room service.

here are some photos from day two. there are none from day one, as day one began at night. 

this was the main waterfall at our favorite pool. the resort had three (one for adults only. whatever.) i took the photo at elfling's request. he could not get enough of staring at the waterfalls. the others, around the perimeter of the pool area, were much smaller.

not the most thrilling photo, i know. i just loved the way the water shone. this pool was huge, by the way. it had a volleyball net in the center, & a water slide at one end. there were also whirlpools in the pool area, but i don't do hot. 

my favorite thing, besides the cabanas that manlyman would not let me rent, were the water stations. ok i loved the bar the most, but never did buy that piña colada, so i'll tell you about the water. they had gorgeous glass water dispensers, filled with ice water. floating in the water were slices of orange & lime. so refreshing! i don't think i can drink plain ice water again. & these things i'm describing? i forgot to photograph. sorry.

here we have elfling taking a break against his wishes from swimming, to rest in the shade. at first he did not want to go in the pool. by our second visit to the pool, he was in love with it. mostly with splashing me in the face, but still. in this photo he was watching big brother do handstands in the water. i do have photos of thehobbit, but he has asked me to stop posting photos of him. teens.

there was wildlife everywhere you looked. ducks wandered the property, swam in the lake, & even swam in the pool with us. we saw canada geese, a (dead) rabbit, & birds of all sorts. this guy hung out with us the entire time we were at the pool. i named him poe.

poe was not well. scrawny, & missing feathers around his neck, as well as most of his tail. but i thought he was beautiful. 

well, that's it for day two. tomorrow i shall share a few photos from day three. thanks for visiting!


ps :: i jinxed myself by chatting about my many specs. my most favorite pair broke at the resort :(

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