01 September 2011

cartoons of a hobbity sort


thehobbit found this amazing book at a used book shop the other day. i thought he was a cartoon-drawing-fiend before, but in the past few days it's all we can do to get him to stop long enough to eat! & being a hobbit, that's saying something.

he gave me permission to show a few things he has scribbled, & asked me to say that he totally recommends this book. if you buy the book, let us see what cartoons it inspires you to draw!

note :: thehobbit wants you to know that the weird fuzziness in the one photo was not his doing . i blurred the bebe's name, that's all.


Julie said...

Too, too cute! And dually noted - blurriness not the hobbit's doing ;)

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

thank you, julie :)

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