08 January 2011

show & tell


did you miss me? did you even notice i'd been away? let's pretend you answered yes to both questions, shall we? i've been freakybusy since my last post: creating things for theshop, deep cleaning thebelfry, homeschooling, & doing the mama-thing. ok, one of those bits of busyness may or may not have actually happened. can you guess which?

the above photo is of my new squeaky-tight needle case. i have unstained ones too, but they're not yet photographed. these cases are perfect for storing extra needles, or for an on-the-go sewing kit. i've kept the prototype for myself, & have already filled it. (i use a needle book, so am storing the machine needles in mine.)

there are also two new pagan people in theshop: summer & winter. please ignore the fact that the dolls are out of focus & the fence behind them is not.

my favorite new item?

love shacks! i love, love, love these. you have to click on the link, so you can see how big each shack is.

it feels good to be back in the swing of things. there shall be a few more heart-themed items for theshop, most of which will be made from fabric. hmm. maybe i should get sewlie serviced? a new year, a clean machine? i refuse to tell you how long it's been since sewlie's last servicing.

also keeping me busy: projects for thebelfry, others for my sweet boys, & still others for you! yes, the long ago promised tutorials!!

the main reason i've been so busy has just informed me that naptime has come to an end. i'm off to snuggle. you go off to have a lovely day.


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Lala's Pequenos said...

Love Shack- love them!!

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