27 January 2011

of listings & contemplations


i've put more goodies in theshop! don't think i've gotten my act together - no happy dances just yet. these were all created & photographed weeks ago. i've only just gotten around to listing them. but! i have listed  them, so that has to count for something. perhaps a happy shimmy?

pictured above is a pair of funky acorns. as cute as they look in the photo, it's nothing to how cute they are in person. the caps remind me of illustrations from the 70s.

also listed today are the trios of mushrooms, large & small. these are painted the same as my minis, but their shapes are very different. they also are more than just toys - i shan't say how, you'll have to see for yourselves :)


to my local belfry-ettes: i have been contemplating holding open house days. i don't yet have the details figured out, but when i do, i'll let you know. i am very excited by this!

that is all for today. i need to help thehobbit with some words in cyrano. sigh. homeschooling was so much easier when he was little. (read: kat is so lazy.)



woolies said...

Love those acorns! so cool!

MuddyFeet said...

Yes, just adorable!!!

kat said...

thanks, ladies!

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