22 October 2010

hobbity photography

cloudy sky 1

cloudy sky 2

cloudy sky 3
thehobbit is better at taking the photos, than naming them. this series (if you had not yet guessed) is called cloudy skies. i love that he is enjoying his adventure with my camera. yes, i said my camera. oldies may recall that he has a my former piece of crap camera of his own. upon discovering his love of taking photos, he discovered that his camera is, indeed, crap. guess what he wants this holiday season?

my question to you: what camera do you recommend for a 12yo budding photographer? keep in mind that i don't want to spend very much money. because he is known for being fickle, he could drop photography at any given moment. his main complain about crappy the camera? the macro setting sucks.

so? what camera do you suggest? i know you have an opinion on this - all my readers are know-it-alls. i wouldn't have it any other way ;)



woolies said...

Very cool pictures, love them! NO clue about good cameras, since mine is crappy as well.

PurePixie said...

I bought a Canon Powershot for my Dad a few years ago. He loves it.
You can check http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/ They usually have interesting reviews.

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