04 October 2010

hobbity happenings


when the dinky bébé joined the family, it became too easy to forget to gush about my older (or, as tinker's middle girl calls him: used) child. i am a dreadful mama.

thehobbit has been a busy bee of late. he now takes classes: lego engineering, english, & science. it feels strange, after so many years, to hand over bits of his education to others, but he's enjoying it.

autumn sunrise
 i cannot recall if i ever told you of thehobbit's karate lessons. he began earlier this year, & recently competed in his first tournament. in his age group, he took 2nd place in kata! isn't that exciting? they gave him a medal, on a pretty red ribbon, which we've proudly draped over his daddy-o's largest golf trophy.

he has another tournament later this month, as well as his second belt test in december. my very own karate kid.

scary goose

painting has become a huge part of his life. he watches the various how-to shows on pbs each night, & paints as often as he can. so far he prefers watercolor, but has begun using acrylic more in the past week.

his grammie gave him a box, filled with her old brushes, & i gave him my travel easel. yesterday i ordered fan brushes & various types of paper from dick blick. i may order a catalog, & have him circle everything he wants - sort of a giant wish list. it should come in handy this holiday season, that's for sure.

tiny flowers
 another new happening is french lessons, on his own, using the rosetta stone. he balked at first, but he does that with most things that he thinks will be too hard. only a few weeks in, & he loves it! in fact, he is already correcting me, cheeky little brat.

lastly is thehobbit's new love affair with photography. perhaps i should instead say taking photos, because he's yet to show an interest in learning how to use any feature other than the macro setting. still! he enjoys it, & has taken some pretty good photos. all those in this post are his, by the way.

so you don't envy me my amazingly perfect son, let me tell you what else is going on at thebelfry. puberty, that's what. oh my maude! puberty is brutal. it is horrid, foul, & nasty. i am sure puberty brings with it many joyful changes in a child as well, but i cannot say what they are at the moment ;)

see? not so envious now, is it? you're welcome.



woolies said...

Just you wait. I don't have any little hobbits anymore, I have a young man and a half grown young man. Not sure how that happened

Banana Bottoms said...

I love this age... it's like getting little peeks into the future and seeing what they will be like as grown men...

Banana Bottoms said...
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Prettydreamer said...

Love hearing about all the good things happening at kat's house! :)

PurePixie said...

Love the flower pict! :)

EvesLIttleEarthlings said...

My University boy needed his mom today! He is sick and I picked up a prescription for him. Not sure how he got so grown up :( and :)
Scary goose! We had those when I was a kid. They chased strangers and one memorable day, a goose actually treed a fully grown man.

Lovealittle said...

Lovely flower picture.

My son is 21 and I'm not sure how all those years flew by.

He has just got back from a trip to Nepal with Childreach and we have a smiley picture of him climbing onto an elephant via its' trunk and dismounting by sliding down the ear.

Boys are only young once:)

Lala's Pequenos said...

Cheeky monkey! Remind him that it's so nice to have a mom as encouraging as you!

kat said...

oh, i loved reading all your comments! so many boys sneaking into manhood. sigh.

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