26 December 2010


that's a photo of my first attempt at making my mother's famous yule log*. from the outside it looked quite well done. once sliced? well, not so pretty. but! it tasted amazing, & that's what most matters. manlyman proclaimed it a thing of beauty, & said that my mother would have been proud. sometimes that man o' mine knows just the thing to say. next year i plan to make a fancier version, but for my first christmas without my mother, it had to be just like hers.

i hope you had a fabulous solstice, & that your christmas (or if you aren't of the christmas variety, your weekend) was wonderful.

have a lovely end of the year, do!
* it was actually nabisco's recipe, but as she made it for us each year, she gets credit :)


faerwillow said...

~happy belated solstice blessings and christmas wishes to you and yours...your mother was there...by your side as you baked away...and i am sure smiling ever so brightly...it looks quite pretty and delicious! much l♥ve light and blessings upon you and yours~

kat said...

thank you, faerwillow! many blessings upon you.

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