26 November 2010

wonkylations make me smile

i know i go on & on about my love of the japanese nearly2dollars store (yes, they raised prices!), but can you blame a girl for gushing? recently we were in need of birthday prezzies for a mini who loves the store as thehobbit & i do, so off we went!

one thing that i love about the store is the wonky translation to be found on packaging - it is always fabulous. this time there were notebooks sporting wonkylations (real word), so i took photos of my favorites, just for you!

a sewing theme:

a bear, with balloons:

are they not the most wonderful things? what is making you smile today?



EvesLittleEarthlings said...

Yes, I love those. My personal favourite on a raincoat label:
"For days of dismal rain"

woolies said...


germandolls said...

Precious! Not sure what dollarstore. Are there Japanese ones in California?

Lala's Pequenos said...

Where is this store?? I love getting lost in translation!

kat said...

eve~ that is the best wonkylation ever!

germandolls & lala's~ these are from "marukai 99", though it should be now called "marukai nearly $2".

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