20 September 2009

proof of a first child

scrolling through nearly eight weeks of photos, i found that the majority were of lemondrop. the only ones of thehobbit showed him holding, or entertaining lemondrop. not wanting to give thehobbit more fodder for his future psychiatrist, i began following him about with the camera.
i will admit that as much as i love love love my older boy, he's not nearly as fun to photograph as is his dinky brother. he is as beautiful though - would you just look at those lashes?!

i feel sorry for the ladies in 10 or so years. (see me pretending he won't be dating until he's 21?)

11 September 2009

mmm brownies

slowly things are getting back to normal around here. i imagine it shall be a few months more until we are fully back in the swing of things, but at least i'm no longer spending entire days in bed. mostly.

i've yet to sew or craft, & most of the meals i've made came from boxes/cans/bags. this does not make me overly sad, as i get to spend my days staring at these monkeys:

add a plate of fresh-from-the-oven brownies, & that would be the most perfect photo ever.


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